Egypt Lately & what we can learn from it...


I am a researcher, consultant and millennial.

Currently working on a number of various projects and work, the underlying focus is on exploring the possibilities and nature of entrepreneurship, small business, freelancing and contracting work in today's connected & global world. The ongoing influence and effect of developing information and communication technologies continue to change the world as we know it and this has the potential to change the ways we work and interact.
As the part of the generation who is at the center of this ongoing paradigm shift within societies and communities worldwide, I personally feel the need to take some responsibility to make some of the changes our world critically & urgently needs from us, rather than complaining, discussing or experiencing them. I aim to take a positive & pro-active approach where I can in my life and hope to take some part in at least encouraging, supporting and inititating some of that desperately needed change in "my world" to ensure a reality that I'd be happy to have my great grandchildren born into some day.

Despite my Information Management degree, development has never been a strength of mine. As such as I find something that assists me directly are I believe to be relevant to those assisting me with my projects, it has been added to my Google Notebook.

Notebook- Web Development